Chris Ian Garlington, 30,  is a freelance professional photographer, cameraman & filmmaker based in Los Angeles, California. Ever since his first picture was published when he 14 years old in The Norristown Times Herald (Philadelphia Suburbs), Chris’ passion for creating stunning images was apparent! Now celebrating his 15th year, Chris Ian is traveling the US & shooting along the way, while focusing his attention in many other endeavors as well. Stay tuned… big things are coming soon!

To Shoot With Chris, call 310 579 5069 or email

Chris Ian Garlington presents “The Best from Around the World!” Chris Ian also runs a blog entitled “The Best from Around the World!” Check out the welcome video below & then then visit  the blog @ If you would like to become a contributor or would like to advertise, please contact Chris Ian directly @ 310 579 5069.

In 2007 a documentary was made on Chris as a stringer, which is a freelance cameraman for the news. Check it out!

Chris Ian Garlington covered breaking news for local & national TV stations including CNN, The Weather Channel, WKMG, WFTV, WESH, WOFL, CFN13, The New York Times, and more. Chris was a stringer in Orlando from August, 2004 until June 2007. Before that, Chris was a stringer in the Philadelphia suburbs from 1996 to 1999. Chris moved to Los Angeles in June 2007 to pursue filmmaking and is currently a photographer, filmmaker and entrepreneur based in Los Angeles. Click the Film & Video tab to check out some of Chris’ Breaking News video as well as film & video projects!