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September 2009 – Viral Ad Campaign

Spec ad series for

May 2009 – Ad Campaign for Pala Casino Resort & Spa

Chris worked as the Director of Photography for a 5 series TV ad campaign promoting the multi-million dollar expansion of the Pala Casino Resort & Spa. The destination is spectacular & fun with great food, atmosphere, and lots to do! The segments, hosted by TV personality Lonnie Larder, aired on San Diego television. Check out the clips below!


February 2008 – Short Film

Chris worked as the camera operator with well known director Frederick E.O. Toye on Black & White. The film is being submitted to film festivals and cannot be displayed here yet! Stay Tuned!!!

February 2008 – Short Film

Chris teamed up with Logan Walden to cam op  for another short film for another contest! 

January 2008 – Feature Film

Chris worked as the Director of Photography on a no-budget, and I mean NO BUDGET feature film! Production never finished, but check out the “featurette” from the film!

December 2007 – TV Pilot

Chris shot his first paid DP gig, a $22,000 budget TV pilot. Very low budget indeed, but a great experience and a lot of fun! Clips are not currently available. Stay tuned!

October 2007 – Short Film

Chris once again teamed up with the amazing Logan Walden to enter a 24-hour film festival. Due to some technical difficulty, it took us about 25 hours to create this film, so we missed our deadline! But on the brightside, we got to work with Evan Peters – an up and coming actor who’s already been in some big films – and we had pretty good crafty – tons of cookies! Check it out – Tough Cookie.

September 2007 – Feature Film – California

Chris worked as the set photographer (IMDB) & behind the scenes cameraman in Manhattan Beach, California on a million dollar feature film Green Flash now called Beach Kings (released July 2009). For more on the film, Click Here!

Photography by Chris Ian Garlington

Photography by Chris Ian Garlington

Photography by Chris Ian Garlington

Photography by Chris Ian Garlington

June 2007 – Chris moved to California from Florida to pursue his dreams of working as a DP on multi-million dollar films, among other dreams : )
March 2007 – Music Video – Orlando, Florida

Chris worked as a Director of Photography for the first time shooting a music video for Darlene Magno, a brilliant singer-songwriter from Orlando, Florida (now in LA)! Chris & Darlene teamed up with the amazing Logan Walden to direct the project and thanks to his direction & our camera work, Darlene was thrilled with the end result! Check out the music video for “Need To” by Darlene Magno.

Chris worked as a Stringer from 1994-1999 & 2004-2007. To check out the documentary on Chris’ work as a stringer in Orlando, click the “About Chris” tab.

To contact Chris about a shoot call 310 579 5069.